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Wedding Photography In London by Olivier


Oliver grew up on the streets of Paris where he discovered the many facets of an amazing city. Almost 10 years ago I moved to London, an equally incredible city where he started taking pictures.


His first shots were on the street capturing moments, faces, smiles and other little things that happen when no one is looking. Olivier also had the chance to meet amazing people who shared their story with me. People that he would probably never have met otherwise.




Photography is not just a simple activity, it’s a way to reflect how I see the world.


After a few years, I became more curious and started new types of photography like, portraits, reportage…but I decided to specialise in wedding photography.


From candid photos to set pieces, through portraits or art pictures, wedding photography is one of the most complete types of photography. Through different styles, it allows me to bring out the emotion and the story of that special day.

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KingsCross first ever wedding!!


Shot by Dont-Pose in London 14th May 2015, fantastic day and unique experience.

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